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Cultural life of Zenica Doboj Canton includes almost every kind of cultural expression of modern man. Regarding national and religious pluralism of cultures in the Canton, it is necessary to stimulate all cultural values that are oriented to affirmation of original national and religious traditions and cultures.
Centre of cultural activities of the Canton is the National Theatre in Zenica, which, by the richness of its repertoire and great actors and actresses and great producers, enriches cultural life of the Canton, and even Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Cultural needs of inhabitants in most municipalities are well satisfied with cultural – artistic and cultural-education societies. Regarding shown needs of municipalities, in first ten years of the 21st century, it is necessary to spend 25 million KM (convertible marks) for restoration, modernisation, building of new objects, protection of cultural and historical monuments and museums.
In the future, protection of cultural and historical monuments will be the main occupation, because if there are not monuments that testify existence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, “it never was there”. That is the reason why the restoration of monuments and other cultural inheritance is more important than anything.