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Church of St. Elijah

Church of St. Elijah with the parish office in Zenica is national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The national monuments is consisted of the curch, parish office and the park between these two buildings. 

The parish church in Zenica was first built in 1870, and today's one was built in 1909-1910 accordintg to the project of Josip Vancas, the architect. 

The main altar was built in  1937 with the relief of St. Elijah and sculptures of St. Barbara and St. Florian.There are three bells on the bell tower. 

Today's parish house was built in 1910 and in 1930 was renewed. During the WWII, the authorities deprived three apartments in the house,and in 1993 these were retrieved tho the original owner. 

The curch has organs with eight registers, built by the Herferer company from Zagreb. 

The Franciskan monks had educated domiciles. That was noted in a document kept in the archieve of Guca Gora monastery dated in 1878. Primary school, mentioned in that document, had 40 pupils. 

Educational work was organized by nuns of the Holy Blood claster at the beginning of 20th century in the primary and the secondary school, in the building today well-known as Kloster. 



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