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Mediaeval fortress Vranduk

Contact person: Muzej grada Zenice
Contact phone: +387 32 209 515

Mediaeval fortress Vranduk is located 14 km away from Zenica downstream the river Bosna. It was built on the cliff above the river Bosna, which with its arc makes natural decoration and protection.  

During the mediaeval period Vranduk was one of the royal towns, which were residences for the king Stjepan Ostoja and king Stjepan Tomas, and also his opponent king Radivoje. Vranduk was first mentioned in March 11th 1410 in the appeal of citizens of Dubrovnik to Hungarian king Sigismund. 

During the Ottoman Empire period, the fortress was a political jail. In 1697, when Austrian prince Eugene of Savoy had burned all towns and settlements in the valley of the river Bosna, fortress Vranduk stayed unconquered.

Vranduk had resisted to its enemies and conquerors, disasters, and kept its title "Kapija Bosne" (Gate of Bosnia). Its name Vranduk was derived out of old Slavic language branduk which means defend. 

Next to the fortress there is the Mosque of Mehmed II al-Fatih, which was built in period between 1451 - 1481. 

Area of mediaeval fortress Vranduk and its surrounding were announced as a national monuments.


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