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Zgoscanski stecak

The town of Kakanj was first mentioned in 1392, and it was very important place during Ottoman Empire in Bosnia.
From the period of mediaeval Bosnian history there are many monuments, necropolis, stechaks (Bosnian mediaeval tombstone) and many others. One of the most beautiful and most important ones was found near Kakanj in the settlement of Zgosca.
It is from mediaeval period, and some scientists call it Stechak of Kulin ban.
Who was buried under it?
Historian Djordje Stratimirovic claims that is the grave of Stefan II who died in 1353. He said: “The four faces on the stechak are a man and two women – Stefan II and his wife and a daughter, wife of Hungarian king Laush, and a man looking to the valley is a son and the inheritor – Tvrtko”.


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