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Kraljeva Sutjeska

Kraljeva Sutjeska is a part of the municipality of Kakanj, which was the reign site of Bosnian mediaeval kings. There is famous Franciscan monastery with very rich cultural and historical archive.
The monastery was built in the beginning of 14th century, and during its long history it was ruined several times. In 1658 it was burned with all its valuables (archive, library) and the new one was built in 1664. During 19th century it was built twice, and todays appearance is from 1890.
This settlement is famous for the monastery, but beside it there is Dusper’s house from early 18th century. The house is national monument and it is great example of Bosnian authentic architecture.
At the entrance to the settlement there is one of the oldest Bosnian mosques, which, by folk tradition, was built in just few days and never after renewed or rebuilt.
There is a tourist info office, which provides tourist guide service.


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