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Fortress of Maglaj

The fortress of Maglaj is one of the most fortified fortresses in the valley of the river Bosna. It was first mentioned in September 18th 1408 in the Charter of Hungarian king Sigismund. The first official document signed in Maglaj was state document between Ottoman Empire and Hungarian Empire from 1503.
It was built in 14th century as a defence fortress of Bosnian Kingdom, but during the times of Ottomans it got its final outlook. The fortress is consisted five towers:
- Dizdar’s tower
- Kapi tower
- Captain’s tower
- Clock tower
- Branic tower
Even renewed and rebuilt, the fortress of Maglaj kept its original mediaeval shape.
The Clock tower was built in October 17th 1697, which was engraved at the entrance board.


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