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Ferhadija mosque


Ferhad bey's mosque (also called Carsijska or Sukija mosque) is a part of a foundation of great founder  from 16th century Gazi ferhat bey. 

Ferhad bey's mosque, during itsl long history, was ruined several times and during the campaign of  Austrian prince Eugen of Savoy was completely burned. It was typical sample of mosque with wooden inside dome,open outdoor porch and stone minaret. 

Above the main entrance to the mosque there is an epitaph: !Allah is One! Muhammad is His prophet. Year of renewal 1300 h (1882 AD).

There is a 27 m tall minaret next to the mosque. There is also graveyard in the garden of the mosque and the oldest grave there is the grave of Gazi Ferhad bey. 

Famous historican Doko Mazalic said that the dome of themosque was covered by the plumb and during WWI this cover was remowed and then the mosque started being devastated. After that mosque was covered by classic roof. 

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