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Cultural and Historic objects and Museums

  Upper town - Gornja carsija is a site arround the fortress of Tesanj, better said in the bottom of…

Ferhadija mosque

Mar 07, 2016
  Ferhad bey's mosque (also called Carsijska or Sukija mosque) is a part of a foundation of great founder  from…

Eminagica House

Mar 07, 2016
  Eminagica House is the oldest and the most beautiful building of family architecure in Tesanj. This object was registered…
  All mosques in Tesanj except Ferhadija mosque had wooden minaret. Today, just one of them kept the original wooden…


Mar 07, 2016
  Musalla is located in the town centre.  That is an open space that was used for Muslim Friday pray.…

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