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Olovo is a small town set about 50 km North-East from Sarajevo, on the highway Sarajevo –Tuzla. It could be approached from Sarajevo, Vareš, Zavidovici and Tuzla. Every of these roads goes through brightly mountainous ambience of heavy coniferous woods crossed with crystal clean mountain springs and rivers, and the river Krivaja itself offers many possibilities for exciting rafting.
Since the mediaeval times, Olovo is well-known for lead ore and the town was named for it (in Bosnian olovo means lead). Spa and recreation canter “Aquaterm” houses the central part of the town where the river Biostica meets the river Stupcanica. Four thermal springs rise here, and the water is very curative whose temperature is about 36°C. All mentioned is very appropriate for health, recreation and tourism. In the very neighbourhood there are two rivers - the bubbly river Orlja and the rapid river Krivaja, which received waters from all three mentioned rivers.
The Church of Gospa Olovska, the King Tvrtko’s Obelisk tall over 4m, the Church of St. Rok are just some of the cultural and spiritual values of this area, which beside their historical and architectural values have the educative one too.

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