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Zavidovici are relatively young town, founded in 19th century. It covers the area of 590 square kilometres and it is inhabited by 46 000 inhabitants.
As other towns in Zenica – Doboj Canton, Zavidovici is very rich in rivers, and there flow three rivers – Krivaja, Bosna and Gostovic.
Once, the town of powerful wooden industry, Zavidovici is set in the bottom of woody mountains and hills that offer great touristic and recreation opportunities.
Numerous speleological objects and caves, heavy woods rich in game are guarantee for having rest and fun. Well-known picnic resorts in Kamenica on the river Maoca and Krivaja, unusual site of stone spheres that is a part of the exploring of the Foundation Archaeological Park “Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun” are just some of the interesting tourist destinations. There is, also, Nature Park Tajan, real holiday for body and soul for all who look after untouched nature.
Rafting devotees traditionally gather every season in the last weekend in May at the river Krivaja to enjoy rapids and challenges that Krivaja offers.

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