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Zenica is a capital and administrative centre of Zenica – Doboj Canton. It is set in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, just like eye pupil that is probably reason for having the name Zenica (in Bosnian Zenica means eye pupil).

It covers the area of 557,5 square kilometres and it is inhabited by 130 000 inhabitants.

Zenica is a city set in the valley of the river Bosna, on about 316 m above sea level and it is 70 km away from Sarajevo.

History testifies that this area was inhabited in the Neolithic. In Zenica valley lived Illyrians, and then Romans, which founded municipality Bistua Nuova in the area of today’s Zenica.

Very important date in the history is April 8, 1203, when well-known ruler Kulin ban, in Bilino Polje decided to renounce Bogumils religion and become Christian, in his own name and in the name of his citizens, to escape crusade against Bosnia.

In the last 100 years, metallurgy and ironworks became the symbol of this city. In the beautiful Zenica valley was built steel city, like a symbol of new industrial world. In the souls of the citizen of Zenica, the city, during the centuries, kept feeling for beauty and tradition, and the humour and hospitality of domestic people make every guest feel welcome.

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